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About the Center

The Center for Millennial Engagement (CME) is a social impact venture dedicated to building a powerful network of millennial professionals who represent integrity, ethics, and equity as they lead across industries in the global workforce.

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Game-changers and future history-makers from our leadership community.


Leadership Network


The Futures Network is a diverse community of value-driven millennial professionals seeking leadership development resources and opportunities to increase their impact and influence in their workplace and in the world.

Leadership Network



Our members represent this generation's boldest and brightest professionals who are seeking ways to sharpen their leadership skills in practical and experiential ways. Our members are proactive members of the modern workforce who aren't waiting on their employer to provide them with roles that will develop their leadership acumen. They are taking the lead, and taking control of their careers.

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Leadership Residency


The Futures Leadership Residency is an intensive
12-week leadership development accelerator designed to prepare professionals for leadership roles within the fast-paced, high-stress, global business environments of the future.

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MQ Project

The MQ Project is an new research study dedicated to amplifying the perspectives of the millennial workforce to find sustainable innovations for the future of work.

In the wake of the Great Resignation and current rate of accelerated workplace change,  companies need to make data-informed workforce planning decisions to ensure that their human-capital needs are met in 2022 and beyond.

Register your organization as an MQ Project Research Partner to include the insights of your millennials in our study.

New Volunteer Opportunities Available!
Leadership Summit 
Friday November 18th, 2022  10am-3pm EST (Virtual)
Tickets go live July 1st!